Some AK Wildlife

I caught this big moose snacking on trees beside the road near Harwood Hall, UAF in Spring, 2001. There are no leaves on the trees yet, but that's OK to this moose, since she eats the softer branches too (in fact I think 'moose' comes from an Algonquin word meaning 'twig eater').

Here she is clearly getting upset about the fact that I have stopped my car just a few feet from her and clicked away with my camera while she is just trying to have a quiet spot to eat . . .

A moose-let and the back-end of its' mother moose near the MBS dorms, UAF.

Here's a better look at them; I got these pictures of these two in October 2002. It can be very dangerous to approach or walk between them!

Just in case it seems like moose are all there are around here, here's a Ptarmigan on Ester Dome wearing its' summer clothes. She thinks I can't see her . . .

Here're 3 pictures of Canada Geese, who stop over at Creamer's Field, Fairbanks, AK on the way to and from the Arctic coast. These guys are heading south, Fall 2005.

These ones, paddling around a pond of meltwater, are heading back north in the spring of 2006.

Creamer's field is a huge field named for the ex-farm it's a part of. It is kept as a refuge, primarily for migratory birds. It is located several miles from the airport for obvious reasons. They have gotten pretty used to people coming to look at them, so you can get pretty close.

Sandhill cranes are another numerous seasonal visitor. They have a very distinctive call, almost like a turkey-gobble. All the sitting birds are Canada geese; the gangly ones are cranes.

There're zillions of these little guys (arctic ground squirrels) on the North Slope, the Brooks Range etc.

These next 3 pictures don't actually have any animals in them, but they show that apparently Fairbanks -area beavers do not like flatbed truck trailers...for some reason.

Here you can see that this pretty big birch was cut by beavers (see inset) and dropped straight onto someone's trailer.

Maybe they didn't like how close it was to their lodge (center of picture).

Here are a wolf and red fox at Denali Park. Nice puppies....

Wildlife near my house

A robin that set up under the roof of my house:


Moose chowing in my yard:


A Snowshoe Hare:


A Boreal Owl (I think):