Forest Fires in Alaska: Fires are just part of summertime in AK; but some summers are worse than others . . . like summer 2004:

High, hazy smoke from forest fires turns the Sun an orange-yellow color.

More haze, more orangeness.

Much denser smoke aloft turns it deep orange or red. Most people around here don't realize that just because it's not painfully bright, doesn't mean it's safe to look at, though . . .

When the smoke hugs the ground, this happens. This looks out in
the same direction as the IARC climate cam. Can't . . . breathe  . . .

Here's a distant culprit. A picture of a fairly distant fire, SW of
Fairbanks, 2001. The wind is blowing the smoke away from us though.

This satellite image is courtesy of GINA, another unit of my department here. Everything but the white stuff at lower right edge is SMOKE. The river north of Fairbanks is the Yukon. Click for full size image.