I took these shots of the moon through my little 6" reflecting telescope when I was about 15. The bright white crater with the bright ray pattern radiating from it in the upper image is crater Tycho. Some of its rays are visible at top center of the lower image, which overlaps the top image.

Somewhere I also have a pretty good (for a kid with a 6" reflector) picture of Saturn. Some other things I  have looked at through this scope are:

    *The Ring, Crab and Orion Nebulae
    *The Andromeda Galaxy
    *A lot of globular and open star clusters; I especially like the Pleiades cluster.
    *Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus

Some celestial events I have seen:

    *A conjunction of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the pre-dawn sky in November, 1980.

    *In 1986 I and two friends of mine took my 6" reflecting 'scope out to look at Comet Halley. It looked like a fuzzy cottonball. Couldn't make out much of a tail, but at least I SAW it.

    *I have only twice seen Mercury; One of these times was an occasion in 1998 when a remarkable number of planets were in the sky all at the same time, right after sunset: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They made quite a sight all lined up in the sky like that.

    *In September 2003 I looked at Mars at its' closest approach in some 50,000 years. It was brighter than Jupiter and red as a coal. I could see its' shrinking south polar cap even thru my 4" refractor.

    *Numerous meteor showers, including the Leonid meteor storms of 1999-2002, and a fireball during the Leonids of 1999.