A fantastic Sun-halo display!

These images were all taken on the morning of 6 March 2002, when the best show of atmospheric optics I've ever seen occurred over Fairbanks. These phenomena are caused by the optical effects of atmospheric ice crystals on the Sun's light.

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Here for reference is a computer generated simulation of what happened on the morning of 6 March. It was generated by Les Cowley using his HALO program. Visit his site at http://www.sundog.clara.co.uk/atoptics/phenom.htm to learn lots more about these phenomena!!

The 22 degree halo and upper tangent arcs.

A little closer look at the upper tangent arcs.

The halo, tangent arcs and the right "sun dog" (a better term for "sun dog" is "parhelion").

This shows the top of the supralateral arc (at left) and the circumzenithal arc branching off above it. For orientation, the tangent arcs and Parry arc are visible in the lower right of the picture.

Here are the left end of the 22o halo and its' parhelion, and the left end of the supralateral
arc (upper left).

These two images (above and below) show the right parhelion and right end of the supralateral arc. Also clearly visible in both  is the parhelic arc which extends to left and right of the parhelion. The image above demonstrates why it's called a parhelion, which means, literally, 'false sun'.

Another view of the tangent arcs.

A composite image showing as much of the display as I could fit in the image. The supralateral and circumzenithal arcs are out of the image.