Here are some of the people I have worked and/or goofed off with around the GI:

Kim Nielsen - my best friend, in Alaska or elsewhere, Kim is from Denmark so he's the descendant of Vikings (though history records that Vikings were a lot scarier than Kim is). He studies things like the aurora, and noctilucent clouds. Yes, like me, Kim is a rocket scientist. Once we went out to Chatanika and checked out an abandoned gold dredge there. During hockey season we used to go to alot of the UAF home games.

Raj Kombiyil - Raj is from Kerala, India; he studies the composition of Earth's upper atmosphere, and the contributions of meteors to it. Raj is probably the only guy from Kerala ever to attend a hockey game. He, Kim and I all TA'ed Physics labs and problem sessions in 1999 - 2000, and all three of us earned our PhDs within about 2 years.  

Jeff Banziger - Jeff studied the rocks and minerals of the Chicxulub impact crater, and the shock features produced in them by the impact that formed the crater and almost certainly blew away the dinosaurs.  Another specialty is attracting invitations to fight by security guards at AGU meetings.

Sharon Hansen - For her thesis, Sharon did study of the Martian 'Hematite Region' (Sinus Meridiani) using Mars Orbiter Camera imagery and the CRATERS program I wrote. Most of the conclusions she drew have been proven right by the Mars rover Opportunity. She and Cindy were fun to share an office with.

Cindy Peters - Cindy constructed a detailed computer model of the El'gygytgyn (how about that for a name, huh?) impact crater in Siberia using image processing softwares, mostly ENVI, which means ENvironment that makes users Violently Insane. (I mean ENvironment for the Visualization of Imagery).

Fred Calef - Fred studies the surface of Mars from Mars Global Surveyor imagery. He is interested in some small scale (meters wide, kilometers long) dark markings in the ultra-flat northern plains of Mars, which may be fractures in the surface.

Christina Williams - Christina worked with me on a project investigating the effects of changes in Mars' orbit on its' polar ice caps and atmosphere (click here for more details). She joined us as an REU student in summer of 2002 and returned to do a Master's degree in Geology/Geophysics.


Here are (L to R) me, Christina, Sharon, a big sign, Cindy and Fred.