Day Trip to Paxson

In August 2008 I took REU summer student Matt Herman for a ride down to Paxson, AK before he left for his senior year at Amhearst. This is part of the same route I went to see the mud volcano the year before.

Nice sky reflection in a small lake between Fairbanks and Delta Junction (close to Delta Junction). Three ducks on the beach too.

Trees reflected in the same lake, and a backup picture of one of the ducks.

South, up the Delta River Valley agian, and again Black Rapids Glacier in the distance.

Here it is closer up. The place I took this from woulda been hundreds of meters deep under glacier ice maybe 15,000 years ago.

Gulkana glacier again. This trip it was nice and clear out, so the snow and ice is really bright.

Matt demonstrating how big the mountains are.

Beautiful Summit Lake,on a much nicer day than last year (2007) when I passed through; bright and sunny, instead of leaden-skied and drizzling. Click here for a full size picture.