Pictures from Marine Corps days

Me at Marine Corps Base 29 Palms, CA.

Sleeping was always one of our very favorite things to do . . . . .

. . . road marching was one of the least. It always lead to more sleeping:

No these guys aren't dead, in fact they're not allowed to die without permission.

M60A3 tanks are fun to ride on the back of . . . way better than walking.

I don't remember what the name of this boat is, but it's an amphibious assault ship (that's a landing craft in the water next to it).

CH-46 Chinooks . . . again, way better than walking. In the foreground: sweat cooled, foot propelled, bullet stoppers.

A picture of a Chinook from inside one just like it.

These are amphibious vehicles called 'amtracks'.

In the field at 29 Palms.

The end . . .