Glaciers -
Here are some pictures I took out the airplane window on the way back from Houston
in 2004, a little aerial remote sensing, if you will (or even if you won't).
The plane followed this glacier all the way from its source to the sea . . .

These glaciers begin deep in the Chugach Mountains, East of Prince William
Sound, Alaska. They combine to form a bigger glacier . . .

 . . . which is added to by other tributary glaciers (foreground).

In some places glaciers flow over 'icefalls' which are roughly the
equivalent of rapids and waterfalls in rivers of liquid water. Notice
the 'ice ripples' below this icefall and the 'shock' above it! Cool!
I'm reliably informed that the ripples are a seasonal effect and that
they are called 'ogives', oddly enough.

Eventually a broad stream of ice is formed which digs out a deep,
wide valley in the mountains as it grinds away the rock.

This glacier ends by discharging its ice into an arm of Prince William Sound . . .

. . . which reflects mountains quite nicely off its surface.