Here are some kind of blurry pictures of a NATO exercise called
Avalanche Express that I was part of . . .

On the ground in Norway; that's a UH-1 Huey coming to pick us up.

The blur in this picture is a CH-53 Sea King helicopter.

A look at the North Sea from the well deck (below the flight deck)
of the amphibious assault ship USS Saipan. It's named for an
island the USMC took from the Japanese in WWII.

A view off the stern of the Saipan. Yup, it's just as
cold and grey as it looks . . .

Space and activity are at a premium on ships.

This ship is refueling the Saipan.

This is the beautiful city of Tromso, Norway, from a postcard. It is actually quite a few miles from the actual North Sea, but the Tromsfjord runs pretty deep into the country.